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Drivers and Impact of Innovation

Drivers and Impact of Innovation

Everyone knows that innovation is important, but what fuels innovation and what is the end result? Why is it so important? This infographic takes a high-level look at what opinion elites around the world think about innovation.



About this data

The data used in this visualization comes from a survey conducted on GE's behalf by StrategyOne, an independent research and consulting firm. The survey focuses on innovation and polled 1,000 senior business executives in 12 countries.


Looking at the impact and drivers, I must say that it is good to see that people think that innovation and/or going back to values will improve our environment with a Green outlook and Partnership, to move away from the ME values that have been instilled silently but which is so dominant in todays society. When looking at the drivers however, I am not so pleased as the tendency is to wait  and see when the general public is convinced, that is  2/3rds of the people.

The value of innovation is grand as it is a process through people working together and making it happen, it (re-)unites, it flows and it creates togetherness and value. An experience in itself and the result can be grander than one ever can imagine at the outset. In todays' world innovation and creation is tantamount, we need to get away from rigid structure and modeling the world according to statistics and accounting.  So...




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Thursday, 04 June 2020

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