Security Considerations

Atol Solutions takes security of website with the highest regard. A hack could be disastrous for business, reputation or worse being blackmailed. Aside from the hosting services provisions we install additional features to protect the site from malware, database injection, spam/bot protection, email cloaking. Additionally we offer as an add-on to monitor the site against any malware via Sitelock. Naturally we arrange an adequate backup scheme, to store a version of the website off-line or at a designated client location. We have included an overview for your information, see below.

Benefits of a Secure Web Site

A secured website brings tons of benefits not only to online users, but to website owners as well. Privacy and data protection should be prioritized at all times to prevent identity theft, fraud, and other cyber crimes. Here are some key benefits to learn about having a secured website. Make your site a safe place for customers to enjoy reading your content, watching videos, and doing business with you. Don’t wait before you act because security breach may leave customers frustrated, which will result in a risk of losing your business.

Increased Trust

If you want your customers to stay loyal and entice more people to transact with your site, you need to make sure that you do all the necessary measures to keep your website secure. Learn the tools and free advice on how to make it a safe place to navigate and do business through Here are the e-commerce security drivers to make people buy:

Trust seals or logos: These indicators may come as trust badges or secure ‘Lock’ icon of payment providers, and security partnership icons displaying ‘Verified’ or ‘Secured’ on secured websites.

Secure Sockets Layer: SSL certificate or “https:// pages” are seen on the URL. It is a digital website authentication with the ability to encrypt data sent to your server, which is a crucial part of any website to indicate that security measures are taken.

Privacy Policy: Install a Privacy Policy to reinforce e-commerce security. It refers to a website document that provides users all the necessary information about how the site gather, use, discloses, manages, and secures data provided, ensuring a peace of mind and serving as a legal document for both the website owners and online users.

Increased Traffic, Leads, and Conversion

Website security affects your SEO, and so as its related metrics, like web traffic, leads, and conversions. Backlinko analyzed about 1 million Google search results, considering the impacts of website security to SEO. Here are the results of the analysis:

It was found that the HTTPS has a moderate correlation on the Google search rankings.
It was found minor correlations between SEO and digital security, wherein the presence of an SSL certificate can significantly improve web visitors’ user experience.
Statistics show that a website with SSL decreases page bounce rates. It means that having clear indicators that a website is secure makes visitors stay. On the other hand, users who feel that the site is unsafe to tend to quit browsing or leave the page.
Google notices a high bounce rate and may demote a website in the search engine results because people leave the site so quickly. It also tells Google that the site is not worthy of high rank, leading to decreased ranking, which means reduced traffic.

Increased Customer Engagement

Higher click throughs mean more traffic for your site, and having a secured website will encourage customers to stay and do business with you. Customers will leave if a website is secure because of the risk of malicious software, infecting sites to gather data, commit fraud, and hijack computer resources. You want to keep your site safe to instill peace of mind, increase trust, and establish an excellent reputation for your website. That’s why you need to ensure website digital security to continue gaining traffic and engaging with your customers through your web content, which includes the following:

High-quality videos

Informative articles, press releases, news, and blogs

Stock Images

Infographics ~Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trend

Voice Recording or Podcast

Cleantalk Protection

Convenient registration/commenting forms increase the number of registrations. Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation to increase your conversion rate. This service allows you to focus your time on developing and improving the website and business, without being distracted by extraneous tasks. Your visitors are more loyal and not annoyed guessing characters or puzzles. They become your regular visitors.


CleanTalk eliminates the need for CAPTCHA, questions&answers and other ways which use complicated communication methods for spam protection on your site. Invisible to the visitors, spam protection has a positive effect on the loyalty of the site's audience. Rude words protection for the site. A function of the service is censorship of abusive comments. Messages containing not normative lexicon, cursing and calling for ethnic hatred are automatically sent to manual moderation.

Google Incentives

According to the HTTPS encryption Google transparency report, 73% of pages are loaded in the United States in 2018, using HTTPS in Chrome on Windows from 59% in 2017. It only means that the web is increasingly becoming more secure. Google created several incentives and penalties, encouraging web developers and website owners to enable HTTPS which makes a positive ranking signal. It changes the security warnings of Chrome for HTTP pages and sponsors the security ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificate authority, providing free digital certificates. Also, Google provides secured websites a boost in search engine ranking. Here are some website security tips the Google suggests:

Move your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Choose from the type of certificate you need including single certificate, multi-domain, or a wildcard certificate.

Utilize 2048-bit key certificates.

Using relative URLs for resources residing on a similar secure domain and using a protocol that is relative URLs for other domains are recommended.

Avoid blocking your HTTPS website from crawling using robots.txt or automatically by Cleantalk

Enable search engine indexing of your web pages as much as possible. Don’t use the meta tag for no-index robots.

Track your HTTP to HTTPS migration within Google Webmaster Tools or in your analytics software.