Summer / Develop

To Grow and Mature and make all your designs solid in development, nourish and be in the sun. Work hard and enjoy to make the crops healthy and delicious.

Activities in the Develop stage implement, extend, optimize, and scale target business functionality for the operational project.

This stage considers matters such as

How should the site application be marketed and monitored for improvement?

Implementing the site application in code

Does the implemented design meet usability goals?

Creating, converting, and validating all content

Developing and testing to-be-built components, iterating to provide a required business solution, integrating UI, application, and support, and confirming that components work together as intended

Developing and testing technical support components, and determining changes to be made to improve performance, functionality, and usability

Testing that the application works correctly and as intended, with acceptable performance

Managing repositories effectively and determining further work, whether for the Deploy stage or to postpone until a later release.