Spring / Design

For Plowing the Field and to be Creative with your Requirements and Needs, seeding the field to be harvested.

Activities in design factor the functionality to be developed in an operational project into small pieces for prototyping, proof-of-concept, and development. Activities in this stage also design, prototype, and prove the elements of the operational project.

The Design asks questions such as

What tasks do users perform with the site application, and how should the system assist with those tasks?

What is the appropriate look and feel for the application? How will users navigate through the content, and how will usability be ensured?

What content is needed, and how will it be created, converted, and verified on time?

What application components and service components to buy and what to build?  How should the latter be designed?  How should content be stored and distributed?

What technical service components should you buy?  Which should you build, and how to design them?

What to test system code for?  What performance should you target?

Who should hand off work products to whom?  What must be accomplished in the develop stage?  Have subsequent requirements changed your original project plan?  How?