Our Solutions

...a blueprint for successful design, implementation and operation of your web shop. In today's world it is apparent that people like to spend less time on commuting or prefer being at home.

Below find a definition of the components that you need to be aware of, which are needed for a successful web shop, based on our extensive experience and implementations.

Jumping into a new future requires some support in establishing or re-inventing yourself on the web. Our solution lets you take a great step forward, without having to deal with many issues.

Atol Solutions is applying new features on a regular basis to assist in the entrance for all people and small business'  to basic functions needed.

Atol Solutions is very happy to have been working with a solid solution for the management of the business. This function is perfect for the single professional organisation or small medium enterprise, to manage your accounts, appointments, projects, vendors, sales and purchase orders and much more, without spreadsheet or documents all over the place. And you can do your business transactions any where, anyplace and anytime!

Nowadays all your clients have a smartphone suited for internet and apps and they are in constant communication with relations and friends. To reach your clients with your latest offers immediately would take too much time to call and tell them personally or through your website you need to push these materials to them. With the coming and popularity of Apps this communication has become much easier.

Atol Solutions has a strong Sourcing Partner relationship with Gigavoice and is representative in the Netherlands and parts of the USA (TN, NC, SC, GA, AZ and NM). Our alliance helps your business to work with multi-faceted and experienced organizations for all your Business and ICT needs.