Winter / Discovery

For Reflection of what has been achieved and what needs attention. Determine your new requirements and wishes and keep the things that work well. 

Go beyond and back to find the balance of your creativity and innovation. Discovery is fun to do in peace and harmony.

Discovery captures the concepts and approaches on which your solution is based and identify the broad parameters that influence and guide the further development. During discovery you create a structural framework for factoring  the desiged solution into manageable pieces, and allocate those pieces to specific manageable pieces.

This stage asks questions such as

What does the project aim to achieve?

What are the givens that must be considered?

What general form should the solution take? 

What resources and information are needed for the solution?

What technical issues should be considered?

Who performs what roles, with what tools?

What should be developed now, and what in a subsequent release?

By whom, where, and how should the project be accomplished?