Business Strategy and Development

A sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops business development according to Atol Solutions, re-inventing business models and approaches is an ongoing process. After all life and business is all about change and dealing with it, and being one step ahead of the game.

However, business development is often related to growth only and not only about long terms vision and strategy. Atol Solutions can help you actively in the pre-bid, bid and post-bid phases of your development process. Naturally we can provide our services with your clients and partners in a multi-lingual and multicultural environment on a global basis.

Services in this area we provide are:

Definition of requirements and preparation of Request for Proposal/Information for vendor bids;

Business Model (re)design, including process, rules and governance. giving a good insight of your needs and solid basis for discussion and match with potential software suppliers. Giving all parties the right match on expectations;

Proposal Preparation and Bidding for projects your company wants to win, including proposal and presentation management and writing; pitch and presentation rehearsals;

Definition of Business Architecture and model, including the financial models needed;

Other areas we may be of assistance in, is defining and make operational your client, pipeline and sales management process, approach and needed technologies.