Get Your Presence on the Web

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Jumping into a new future requires some support in establishing or re-inventing yourself on the web. Our solution lets you take a great step forward, without having to deal with many issues.

 Like the selection of developers for your site, software products, platforms or other matters. We offer one stop simple offering, which enables you to focus on your business and presentation in your market with a reasonable investment and great returns.

Atol Solutions approach is simple by delivering to you a web presence with site, shop if so desired and other functions in a complete package. You may tailor this package at any time after installation on our development site and after going live on your own hosted site. We also take care of domain registrations, installations and web mastering. So do not hesitate and contact us.


Offering Details


WHAT is in our Base System?

  1. Have the ability for your visitors to make appointments in your agenda on dates and hours of operation you determine;

  2. Web presence on your Social Media and enable for your visitors to share/like your publications on many social sites;

  3. Schedule your own event(s) and other peoples, restrict access, book registration, payments, paypall functions for your needs (buy, pay, donate) etc;

  4. Build your product lines  and run your web shop online with controls and payment, shipping and other options, of course in multiple currencies and stock level management if so desired;

  5. Make your own forms to communicate with your customers and visitors, with acknowledgement of your feedback to your potential customer(s);

  6. Publish any type of article and built reports for your visitors to see, co-author, share and the like; and blog your personal items;

  7. Design your look and feel with image galleries, pictures, and good editing, menu item galleries, menu bar, backgrounds and the like;

  8. Change your template to fit your coloring schemes and preference, logo, font types all with a press of the button;

  9. Reach your audience with newsletters and controlling mailings and management of these mailings, campaigns and the like.

  10. Legal Terms and Conditions

  11. Power of many languages, with your OWN translation and representation, images;

  12. Geo Mapping to identify your relations, partners, or other items you find worthwhile to market and make extra income from 3rd parties rendered on your site;

  13. Promote places you are passionate about, others you feel should be put into focus, like featuring others or need your help in this e world.

  14. What others  think of your site and your business, through comments and testimonials (direct on your site or moderated);

  15. Publish relevant web links of your interest, articles, essays, Photo albums etc.

  16. Optimization for search engines, Google analytics, Google Maps, Site Map to improve your presence on the web and traffic to your site. Meta tagging can be done on site level and articles, events etc.

  17. Documentation online to assist you in what is needed to manage, operate and design your environment;

  18. ...and your requirements can be added without problems, like CRM, Back-office functions or specialized functions;


~ You get environment to tune your site in for 1 month, before going Live;

~ We can arrange your complete implementation as a 1 stop shop, from media preparations to hosting;

And we help and guide you along the way from discovery, design, development and finally deploy and we offer translation services. Normal services such as backup of your site, system/function documentation, access to expertise and experienced network of professionals who are passionate about what they do for their customers.

What is in Store?

We are working diligently on making this totally automated (for the base system). It will be Your Cockpit to present you(r) company on the Web. Our workbench provides you with choices of all natures to set you basic requirements, for templates, coloring, functions etc. Once "designed" by you will get choice to implement on your own hosting site or our selected partners. And of course you may always request additional services needed by you. At present. We make it work for you in NO time, depending on your imago and other needs. Just let us know. Our normal preparation time to get you started is one working day.

And more to come.

Our platform is the way to get presence, functions and good looks, and a great way to work smarter!


Our Terms


The investment for your web presence is basically up to you. You make up your requirements and we provide you with a quotation of course. 

On order your pay 50% and when you decide to go LIVE the remaining balance is due.

If you have additional requirements we can discuss project scope and requirements to come up with a fair and equal offering 


Additional Services


Solutions provides additional services to support you with your web presence project, such as:

  1. Web Hosting, Domain Registration

  2. Media and Logo Design and Development (Photo, Video and Sound)

  3. e-book preparation

  4. Web Mastering (Content and Newsletters etc)

  5. Project Management

  6. Custom Programming 


Our Templates

And what can you do with this system, aside from web presence for your business products and services and manage your content yourself, and optimized for scoring in search engines and your audience.

We have tested numerous Templates.

All templates can be adjusted in look-and-feel, coloring, backgrounds and display of functions.

Of course we can also use other templates with the same platform, however that does imply that extra investment is needed to ascertain the template of your choice works for you!