Introducing Atol Solutions

Atol Solutions envisions creating a client-centric culture, our only focus is on our clients and our only objective is to service and meeting our clients' needs and goals, in balance with our organic vision. In our people-centric culture, our assets are our people we work with, and they are nourished and preserved.

Our Clients

To retain our client-centric focus, we are committed to our core competencies and will not be consumed by the distractions which effect other companies. We continue to attract only the best business and ICT specialists - professionals who have an expertise in, and a passion for, the business of our client with·no distractions, no conflicts, and no superfluous headcount, all of which allow us to deliver great client service, great customer care, and most importantly, great work. 

Our People

At Atol Solutions, our primary assets - and our most valuable assets - are our people and partners. To keep them fresh, focused and fired up, we've created a unique culture with positive and high-energy people that overflow with passion, creative ideas and the commitment to help clients achieve their business goals. 

Our Partners

Atol Solutions has created a network of trusted business partners needed to deliver a multiplicity of services and solutions. We do business based on a well defined mutual collaborated model,  most importantly by agreed vision and strategy for service. We capitalize on the strengths and skills of each other and have defined roles, responsibilities and accountability ~ all SMART based.
Our partners and Atol Solutions define and discover on a regular basis the needs of the market and our clients and have agreed on lean approaches and service levels. In most cases Atol Solutions has the responsibility to deliver agreed assignments with its clients. Our partners also include organizations in India and other development and/or outsource centers in the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe your business requirements of innovation and efficient (or cost-effective) operation can be dealt with best through a simple, straight forward approach that uses smart technology & best practices to meet your goals.

Atol Solutions can help you with strategizing your business, modeling your business, process and governance, and enable the business on the web, commerce (shops), logistics and other tools. Together we do projects with proven approach, lean and mean, that will succeed in your desired goals.

We select open technology and enable your business in a quality driven manner and lightning fast yet with quality embedded in every step of the way, utilizing our proven methods and frameworks for success.

"True intelligence operates silently.
Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.
~ Eckhart Tolle"




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