Customer Relationship Management

Atol Solutions is very happy to have been working with a solid solution for the management of the business. This function is perfect for the single professional organization or small medium enterprise, to manage your accounts, appointments, projects, vendors, sales and purchase orders and much more, without spreadsheet or documents all over the place. And you can do your business transactions any where, anyplace and anytime!

The functions are all customizable and can be integrated with your current or future website(shop) and we intend to also deliver a complete back-office solution soon that can integrate with all functions, as one seamless system. 

Many integration and options are available to help you in making your business lean and mean, such as expenses, timesheets, interfacing portals with your suppliers, pbx telephone and sms and other communications, agenda's and of course share this information with authorized people in your organization and network!

True co-creation, community and collaboration

Aside from providing implementation services, we will of course also assist you with implementing your business onto this tool in the manner you require it.

For more information and or implementation of CRM for you, do contact us.

Solution by Vtiger

Vtiger CRM is a community-driven, fully open source, CRM software project. The aim of the project is to provide the best and most open CRM solution with the lowest total cost of ownership to small and medium enterprises. The product is widely used throughout the world, with over a thousand downloads a day and over 1.5 million downloads to date. Vtiger CRM has an active community of developers and users, with contributors from many different countries. It is available in many languages, with a strong partner network in dozens of countries.

Vtiger CRM has been deployed by thousands of enterprises in various industries around the globe. Vtiger CRM customers include Aegon USA, Nokia, NYSE Euronext, German Postbank, Datentechnik, Data HQ Limited (UK), Eon Products, and American Broadband Family Of Companies.

Vtiger is a Private Limited Corporation with offices in Chennai and Bangalore, India and Sunnyvale, California, and manages the Vtiger CRM open source project. Unlike more expensive CRM offerings, including venture-backed open source solutions, Vtiger CRM provides small and medium enterprises with completely free and open source software, with low support and customization costs. Users incur higher costs with other leading CRM products, due to the huge marketing and other costs of venture-backed or public companies. Vtiger CRM maintains a low cost operation with a community-driven model and a small core team at the Vtiger company, for product development, support, training, and customization services.