Our Services

Does your project require your audience to experience your brand and messaging "above and beyond" traditional web publishing, a solution where the user can interact and explore your site through integrated media in multiple formats?

Always wanted to create an outlet for your commercial talents and ideas, but do not know where to start? We help you to set up a start-up platform to sell/service your ideas on the net with connections to your social networks, lightning fast for sure and securely.

We maintain that creative campaigns are not only born out of inspiration, but should actually have inspiration as their main goal....Atol Solutions thrives on the word responsibility. We believe feeling professionally responsible for your success is what makes us successful.

Atol Solutions designs, develops your web presence based on the integration of available components and a basic platform for Content Management. All such components are being developed to provide new functionalities and apply corrections or flaws.

Atol Solutions offers a wide variety of professional services on project or time basis, with our combined in depth experience and methodology. We have a large scala of services in the fields of Vision and Strategy, Project Management, Quality Management, Methodology & Tools and Application Development Environments.

A sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops business development according to Atol Solutions, re-inventing business models and approaches is an ongoing process. After all life and business is all about change and dealing with it, and being one step ahead of the game.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been contributing to environmental problems: computers, electronic devices and ICT infrastructure consume significant amounts of electricity, placing a heavy burden on our electric grids and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.