Reliable with Quality & Velocity

The Management and Quality of our approach ensures the coordination, timely delivery with velocity, integrity, and performance of your  business system. Management and Quality also supports the transfer of responsibility to you if so desired. We have Sigma Six Black Belt in our credo and have Quality embedded in our being and process.

This includes the following activities:

Testing. Testing involves the planning and execution of tests to ensure the quality of application from both a business and technical point of view. Testing is a continuous process that evaluates the models that define the business information system; the processes, application software, technical infrastructure, and content repositories that implement those models; and how well models, processes, software, infrastructure, and content together satisfy the client’s business need.

Performance Engineering. Performance Engineering seeks to establish service level agreements with the client and to verify that the target business system will perform in accordance with those agreements when the solution is scaled to production volumes of content and transactions.

Project Management. Project Management is the process of identifying, managing, and continuously focusing resources to achieve project objectives within budget, resource, and schedule constraints. In addition, maintaining the client relationship is critical to the success of any project.

Configuration Management. Configuration Management ensures the appropriate versioning and release of software assets and associated support materials that comprise your business system. Configuration Management also provides information about and access to project support materials,  through an electronic project repository.