Welcome to Paupercafe an initiative by Koffielust


Mark Ter Maat and Atol Solutions have been preparing a special theme website for the theater spectacle "Pauperparadijs" in Veenhuizen, Drenthe. This spectacle will be playing in open air theater from June till August and is expected to welcome 150,000 plus people. Paupercafe is a theme and program that offers great food and arrangements to people coming to see the spectacle. 

The website is therefor a promotional one, with options to order arrangements, buy meals (mussels or beef) so people can be sure they have a grand meal before the play. Tickets can be purchased online of course.

Take a look and if you are going do reserve your meal, here or just browse.

We wish Koffielust & Mark great success with this unique program.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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