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Malawi Travel

We are proud and excited to support the cause and mission of Malawi Travel, a collaboration of people and business to serve locals and visitors better. Malawi Travel serves people in their Malawi adventures. They know Malawi and it’s people, expats, travelers and selected business's inside and out. Always aiming for the best experience for a fair price for both sides of the coin.

Malawi Travel is  a Malawian - Western based company.  All providers must meet safety, comfort, environmental and service oriented standards and must mainly employ Malawian people, paying  a decent hourly wage. The proceedings go to promotional activities, better service and information for expats and travelers. We also support NGO’s that are good for the Malawian community such as Raising Malawi and Nurses for Peace

Atol Solutions provides the needed support to make this effort possible, in all aspects. Malawi Travel needs to be able to promote local business in various regions, business sector groupings and other grouping, so the visitor can easily locate what one would need to know, like where to stay, to eat, how to get there, where do i go to church and many more. All participating business are mapped in their location with directions for people to locate them quickly and efficiently. All participants can maintain their own business profile, address, contact and social media details, as well as post articles/blogs on the site, Each participant has a page on the site with optimization of SEO.

We also provide visitors with extensive information about Malawi, its regions, parks and reserves or what ever else the visitor needs or wants to know about Malawi.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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