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Launch of by David Bailey

Launch of by David  Bailey

After long hours and a short time span is happy to announce the launch of the new shop and website for David Bailey - We started about one week ago. And now David has a platform to promote and sell his wonderful music and also can share photos and video galleries. 


David with assistance of Atol Solutions just opened up his new website to expose his music for many purposes with Love and Light to the world. We worked only through the web and all communications done by skype or mails and otherwise - which worked out nicely.


He offers CD's as well as Digital Albums on this site at a very reasonable price. You may pre-sample his music of course in his special music gallery. The hosting is done by Studio Pijlman.


David  is going on a musical tour with his piano music from the heart in San Francisco, Switzerland and Holland. He is co-creating with Johan Boswinkel. Together with David's piano virtuoso and Johans Cirene this will be more than special. Healing with music and light.


About David Bailey


             I was born 1st February 1955 in Sittingbourne Kent UK and from an early age was taught the piano, then also classical organ.  I gained my degree at Trinity College London and then studied the art of accompanying, coming runner up the International Pierre Bernarc  accompanying competition.


            Whilst being Director of Music at Tormore Preparatory school Deal, then at Wellesley House Preparatory school Broadstairs I developed my own piano concert evening  of favourite melodies. I toured this successful programme for many years throughout the theatre and concert venues in the UK including in several in London's West End, notably the Victoria Palace, and also Bercy in Paris.


            For seven years I was based in Llandudno North Wales having the longest 'summer season' of shows in the country. In the meantime, I played for more private events for example at Windsor Castle for the Royal Family, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Walmer.


            Playing for Paul McCartney and Maynard Ferguson (the great Canadian jazz trumpeter) were also very memorable moments of my career.


            I have composed a beautiful 'Ave Maria' with new words and music that was performed at Bercy Paris for the Hommage to the Abbé Pierre.


            Speaking and playing tours took me to many countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, United States, France, Estonia, Russia, Italy, The Maldives, Denmark,Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Austria and India. Each country I was able to savour its culture music and spirituality.


            For various reasons I decided to live for a time in southern France, changing my career to share the true reason for my ability to play the piano. To allow this change to happen I took the opportunity to play at the infamous Rennes le Chateau, daily meeting people from all around the world who experienced my extraordinary gift in the music my hands play.


So what is this gift?


             I come from a respected family of healers in the UK. Since a child I grew up accepting healing, clairvoyance, the related subjects and experiences as normal events.


             In my teens when practising the piano classics, my hands would often want to play by themselves, so I let them play, with new music pouring from them. I soon realised that there was more than music...the music carried a sort of potential energy...the energy I saw in action time after time when I did my concert tour...even through well known melodies.


            After one recording session I asked the technician to leave the tape running and to record the music that my hands played....we were all in tears with the power and beauty. We decided to make this recording available, and a respected London Harley street eye specialist had one for his own use. One day Mother Theresa asked him to go to India to operate on 50 children's eyes...when he got there she had over 150 children, yet he only had enough anaesthetic for 50. He told me he went outside and asked the unseen world for help and he heard a voice to tell him to put Davids music on......which he did and all the children relaxed and  went to sleep allowing a state in which he was able to do all the operations. Mother Theresa sent me a message to make my music available for all the world.


              In the UK my Father was president of The National association of Spiritual Healers, now the Healing Trust. A group of some 6000 healers. It was decided to ask my hands to play music to help the general public and therapists alike. Different subjects, as you can see from the cd  titles. Each cd to have two pieces of music of about 25 minutes in length to allow a person to really relax at home, or the therapist to work for the session with a client without the music keep changing.


This has proved to be a very popular series.


             The more my hands played, the stronger the flow of the energy.


I have played my music in hospitals and hospices in Canada and in France.


             I had always wanted to play my music in one special place, I have not understood why, but I needed to, and a couple of years ago this was fulfilled. A place that is not normally allowed to have any music. I was able to play my music in all the different areas of Auschwitz-Bikenau concentration camp. On the same trip giving a concert in the Galicia Jewish museum in Krakow.


             I had more and more 'clairvoyant 'information and experiences from some highly revered clairvoyants and mediums that showed me there was to be a very good reason for the gift in my hands, It was going to bring a special vibration our world....from THE LIGHT itself.  The information was all very well, but what to do about it?..”Go to Rennes le Chateau and play....just play.”


             So I did.


            Johan Boswinkel came to Rennes le Chateau and when I understood his amazing work with THE LIGHT.....I realised how we could co-operate so that the music could be used worldwide, and on reading about Johan and the CHIREN you will understand why!


So where to now? 


             I am looking for all opportunities to play in seminars, courses, groups, in fact anywhere in the world where I can come and share my music bringing THE LIGHT and Peace to the individual and the World.


If you have any ideas to help make this happen...then please contact me.


 Have fingers...will travel!

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