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Final Stage of development ~ The ebooks for author Jaap Rameijer

Final Stage of development ~ The ebooks for author Jaap Rameijer

With Jaap Rameijer we have worked hard and passionately for the past months to produce e-books from his writings and pictures. We have almost concluded the development, make-up and illustrations of his major recent works. It has been an iterative process to come to the right presentation and content, but the results are just fabulous. Jaap Rameijer has written, Jamie on his Cloud (Jamie son sur Nuage), Mary Magdalene in France and The Beauty and Message of Orbs. For the latter two books, he has included 100's of his special pictures, which are just incredible. And Jamie on his Cloud has been translated in French by Ms. Schoetel.

His books will be published as e-book and as Hardcopy on Demand in the very near future, after all last editing has been concluded and processed, but most surely it will be available by the end of May, 2013. Channels used are Amazon, Printing on Demand (Amazon/eStore) and of course his web shop.

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The books of Jaap Rameijer

Jamie on his Cloud Introduction (ebook in French) AVAILABLE NOW

Jamie is a little boy, drifting on his cloud somewhere in the Universe. He is happy, quite happy. He has many friends. He can’t see them, but they are all connected by invisible wires. He is not hungry, nor thirsty, just happy. Then one day he is called by the Elders, the Spirits who are ruling this part of the Universe. They tell Jamie that he has to go back to the Earth. Jamie doesn’t want to go back. He is happy here. But he had promised to that he would go back, so he will have to go. Besides he has many lessons to learn and an important task is waiting for him. So he agrees. The Elders will select the time and the place for his reincarnation and they show him who his parents will be. For when he is on earth he will need a body and therefore he must be born.
Jamie is mesmerized by Mary Magdalene. What a special woman. And what a wonderful message she is preaching. He wants to be like her and become a Christian. And start a new life. So Jamie is baptized by Mary Magdalene. Now he is part of the group and it doesn’t take long before he falls in love with Joan. She came with Mary Magdalene from  Palestine. They are very much in love. But he does not dare to touch her for fear of doing something wrong. For he promised to be a good Christian. Mary Magdalene smiles and tells him that if two people love each other, they can touch and make love. It is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Mary Magdalene in France (translated from his Dutch book)  AVAILABLE NOW

What happened during and after the crucifixion? Did Jesus die on the cross or not? Did Mary Magdalene flee to France? Flee alone, with Jesus or with a group of her followers? Where did she land in France, where did she go and what did she do? On these and more questions Jaap Rameijer has one and sometimes more answers.

What was her relationship with the Knights Templars and with the Cathars? Or for that matter the Holy Grail? Was she a reincarnation of the Mother Goddess? Did she carry the same energy as the Black Madonna’s in France? During his years of research Jaap came up with several important findings.

The book contains hundreds of beautiful photos of Mary Magdalene in various representations. And photos of Black Madonna’s, churches, basilicas, caves, and wonderful sacred places. And of Mary Magdalene in love with Jesus.

Special chapters have been written about Sacred Femininity, about France as the second Holy Land and about a pilgrimage along the most important places where Mary Magdalene is still ‘present’ and venerated. The book concludes with a message for the Christian churches.

The Beauty and Message of Orbs  SOON TO COME

“Orb” is an existing English word. To be found in any dictionary. It means light bulb, light circle, or light ball.The “Orb phenomenon” as it is called now, is something from the last ten to twenty years. And for most people something from the last five years. Sometimes “Orbs” is written as “ORBS”.  Which could stand for Other Reality Light Beings. Orbs are circles of white light or multicolored light, appearing mostly on our digital cameras. Not on every camera and not to every person. And not on every location. But they are appearing more and more often. All over the world.  Especially when using cheap cameras with built-in flashlight.

Jaap takes you on a tour and introspection of what Orbs could be from many different points of view and let's you see the many kind of Orb presentations to and around people. The images in this book are just not to be believed, but so factual. He has taken all of them in the past years and is totally dedicated to the Orb Beauty and Message.

About Jaap Rameijer

Jaap Rameijer, born in 1945. A spirited man, with broad interests and a keen sense of humor. He has had many different jobs and various studies followed. He is very interested in spirituality, but keeps both feet on the ground and likes to bring people and ideas together. Helping people to grow spiritually and to love themselves more. He loves to travel and making new discoveries and writes books and articles about Rennes-le-Chateau, Glastonbury, Mary Magdalene, the many misunderstandings between men and women and Orbs. Also leads people around the area of the Cathars and gives presentations. 

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