What our Clients Say

Ilona Borst

In short: you can't find a better partner

Abraham of Atol Solutions is my support and enabler. He always thinks along with me very well and is very all-round in what he can offer to an entrepreneur.

For example, at intake of my sites under his service, the sites were optimized, where needed improved before taking on the web-mastering service. Saving money on hosting and maintenance. He takes care of my mailings including the management of the contact lists, event postings, he maintains my two websites. He advises me on all the technical and practical matters that I deal with as a small business owner (and often do not know about myself).

No question he is awesome!! I call that really priceless. Moreover, it is a very pleasant person to work with.

I certainly do not want to leave his flexibility unspoken: he acts quickly and is always available. In short: you can't find a better partner. 


deHartcirkel.nl and Natuurlijkjezelf.nl

Ilona Borst
Owner De Hartcirkel / Natuurlijk Jezelf, Schoorl Noord Holland Netherlands
Sam Bladsoe

Master of creative design

Atol Solutions has built a rather complex and sophisticated website for our organization. I am not very knowledgeable about website matters but he guided me painlessly through the process of figuring out what we needed and how to create a professional and visually attractive presence for our organization on the internet through our website. Mr. Tol is a master of creative design and of all the technical aspects of building a website you can be proud of. While guiding our project through to completion in a timely manner, he has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him on any website project.



Sam Bladsoe
Founder Authors Guild of TN , Lenoir City TN USA
Berry Vincenta and Jenny

We are also very pleased for continued support

What can we say about Atol Solutions, who passionately makes a professional website with you? Through his sister An, who knew that we wanted a new website, we got in contact with owner Abraham Tol. We gladly accepted his offer to create a new site with us and the result came out beautifully! 

We are also very pleased that he continues to support and keep our beautiful site up-to-date and and for most part will be maintained by us. Someone with so much talent should really be kept in high esteem ... Abraham, thank you for the time and energy that you put into our new professional site.



Berry Vincenta and Jenny
Channel, Painter and Writer , Egmond aan Zee Noord Holland Netherlands
Tricia Altenau

Atol Solutions has worked magic on my website so quickly and efficiently

Atol Solutions has worked magic on my website so quickly and efficiently.  

I now have an interactive site that is simple enough to use, even for one such as myself, who prefers to limit computer time. 

They supplied me with an operation manual for the site and has helped me to best promote my business services and products through links to social media such as Facebook. 

Atol Solutions is a master website designer and generous with  time and talents.  

Very much appreciated!



Tricia Altenau
The AIA Difference in Massage Therapy AIA Massage, Montpellier VT USA

Quality, reliability, excellence, caring, understanding, delivering a great result fast

Abraham is a rare find....old fashioned standards in the modern world of technology....quality, reliability, excellence, caring, understanding, delivering a great result fast I strongly recommend his services. His sense of humour needs to be experienced too! Thank you for ALL you have done for my projects 

Concert pianist and sound healer , Rennes-le-Chateau Aude France
Sam Bledsoe

I strongly recommend Atol Solutions as your website designer & developer.

I contracted with Atol Solutions to develop a website for my small business. I didn’t want to trust the development of my website to just any developer because it required some unique capabilities not needed by most websites. 

Atol Solutions was creative in coming up with ways to make my website more effective and professional looking. Atol Solutions was responsive to my requests and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks to the effort and care they put into building my site, I am confident it will be instrumental in the success of my business.

I strongly recommend Atol Solutions as your website designer & developer.



Sam Bledsoe
Owner Zanoba, Lenoir City TN USA
Elizabeth S Campbell

The Tuscany Resort a faithful client of Atol Solutions

I had the privilege of working with Abraham Tol of Atol Solutions starting in the fall of 2013 on reworking The Tuscany Resort's website.  Abraham has so much knowledge of developing websites and then doing the web mastering of them once they are up and running! 

Our Tuscany website saw around 3,000 hits per month and now it sees anywhere from 4500 - 9000/month, depending if we are running promotions, etc. 

Atol Solutions is extremely professional, very thorough in everything that he does, and very prompt in always getting back to you on projects, questions, etc.  I would highly recommend Atol Solutions to handle any website maintenance, website building from scratch or re-working of an existing website.  Atol Solutions has also helped develop and create internet ads for The Tuscany and its sister resort, The Venetian on Grace Bay.  

The Tuscany Resort remains a faithful client of Atol Solutions.



Elizabeth S Campbell
Marketing & Travel Consultant The Tuscany Resort, Turks & Caicos Islands
Bobbi Phelps

Very Happy with my spectacular website to showcase my books

Atol Solutions created a spectacular website to showcase my books. They also helped me migrate through the headaches of computer management. I admired the patience and superior knowledge of website building. 

The website process was professional and greatly appreciated!



Bobbi Phelps
Author: Behind the Smile During the Glamour Years of Aviation, Black Empress and Sky Ranch , Loudon TN USA
Brenda W. Mills

Very happy with my art site

Thank you, Atol Solutions for creating an awesome website for me! They worked very hard for me and I am very happy with the results and my art site!




Brenda W. Mills
Artis - Paintress , Knoxville TN USA
Petra Kersten

it's very inspiring to work with Atol Solutions

In a very short time Abraham build a complete new site for me. With his creative,quick and pro-active thinking mind it's very inspiring to work with him.

Sometimes he knows what you want even before you know it by yourself.

I think it's his intuition. Lots of success to and with him.



Petra Kersten
Diëtist/Orthomoleculair therapeut Voor een advies met een brede kijk op voeding en gezondheid , Venray Limburg Holland
Dr. Mili Bass

A beautiful and up-to-date website for my business

Atol Solutions created a beautiful and up-to-date website for my business, Dream Katcher Lodge ... a luxury boarding facility for cats and dogs.  Our 10-year-old website was boring and not visually attractive.  Abraham Tol's design is just the opposite ... lovely, and it captures what we do, with style.    I highly recommend Atol Solutions.



Dr. Mili Bass
Owner Dream Katcher Lodge, Knoxville/Farragut TN USA
Don Pardue

Since I established my website, book sales have dramatically increased

As a self-published author, one of my biggest challenges is recognition by the public. Regardless of the author’s writing skill, with the drastically increasing number of authors throughout the world, it is almost impossible to establish name-recognition. The most obvious way of accomplishing this is by establishing a website that advertises your product: books. As the website is repeatedly viewed, it becomes increasingly recognized by the reading public.

When establishing a website, it is absolutely imperative for the author to choose a webmaster who thoroughly understands the recognition problem facing self-published authors. I found the perfect solution to solving this dilemma when I chose Atol Solutions, in Knoxville, Tennessee. With a thorough understanding of methods of reaching the public, they designed a website that is not only beautiful, but highly effective in its methods and results. The website links the reader to various venues where books may be purchased; also, with the use of blogs and friendly messages from the author, it helps establish a connection between the author and the reader. This relationship is essential to the author. Since I established a website, my book sales have dramatically increased.

If you are a self-published author, I highly recommend Atol Solutions for creating your website or book editing/publishing.



Don Pardue
Painter, Author Blossoms of Winter, Tom, Dick, and Harriet, Southern Sanctuary, Maiden Harvest, and Random Reflections. , Lenoir City TN USA
Cindy Maxfeldt

Now I have the site I wanted for years

It is my pleasure to recommend Abraham Tol with Atol Solutions for your website design. Abraham took my business card and in a day he developed a prototype for me to view and I was amazed at how he designed my website to a look and feel that I have wanted for years. Abraham is very knowledgeable and easy to work and communicate with. Thank you Abraham and I really enjoyed working with you. 



Cindy Maxfeldt
Owner On Demand Safety, Knoxville TN USA
Simon Schellevis

Looking for a professional website

In the past I made my website with Wordpress myself. It was a simple website, cluttered and with many tabs. Cannot be read on smartphone or tablet. Then I came into contact with Abraham Tol. Now I have a fantastically beautiful interactive website that clearly shows who I am and that promotes my services and products in a clear and creative way. Maintenance is very easy with the supplied manual. I can wholeheartedly recommend Atol Solutions. Abraham, thank you for this beautiful website!


Simon Schellevis
Owner Siersmederij Schellevis, Exmorra Friesland The Netherlands
Nicholas Berger

Compliments on content and design keep on coming in

As an artist, I'm very particular about visual representation of my work.  Abraham thoughtfully designed an impressive website that meets my business and artistic requirements.    

Traffic to my website designed by Atol Solutions is growing steadily and compliments on content and design keep on coming in. 

I would recommend this company to the the most particular of clientele. 



Nicholas Berger
Artist Painter Nicholas Berger Art, Garrison NY USA
Jaap Rameijer

Celebrating 10 years with Atol Solutions

Abraham is a phenomenon. A wizard with computers and very creative. He has lots of experience and can provide you with almost anything you want or need.

He is also a very decisive man. If you listen well to what he says he will give you some great ideas.

If you provide him with the content and will keep you working he will built you a wonderful site in no time, as he did for me.



Jaap Rameijer
Writer, Photographer, Coach and Guide in Life , Exmorra Friesland Holland

You can't beat the competitive price and service

Choosing Atol Solutions for our new website is one of the best choices we have made. Abraham and his company are very easy to work with and very patient, he will do what ever it takes to make sure you are satisfied. 

You can't beat the competitive price and service that Atol Solutions provides. 

I recommend Atol Solutions to everyone that needs this kind of service.



Owner Fair Heating and Air, Knoxville TN USA
Erik Roesink

A joyful road with inspiring and surprising result

Building a complete new website with a CRM system with Abraham is a joyful road with inspiring and surprising results.

Because of his creativity, speed and ability to solve problems with effective solutions there where no limits to the possibilities.

Abraham, thank you for everything you are a joy to work with and an inspiring person on many levels.



Erik Roesink
Enterpreneur at Innerchanges your place for Inspiration, Training, Coaching and Therapy Innerchanges, Soest Utrecht Holland
Brenda Mills

Worked tirelessly to achieve the best website for our Gallery

Atol Solutions was hired to redesign our website at The Art Market Gallery. He has worked tirelessly to achieve the best website for the gallery.

Because the gallery is a cooperative, it has been a complicated process since he has had to communicate with over 60 people and present on their own page their artwork.

His patience and knowledge has proven invaluable!



Brenda Mills
Marketing Manager Art Market Gallery, Knoxville TN USA
Theo de Haas

Looking for reliability & professional webdesign with a personal touch, look no further

Abraham Tol brings innovative webdesign and incorporated brick and mortar operations with online capabilities with ease and confidence.

His years in the field of computer science, database design and research and development make Atol Solutions a reliable partner in moving your business forward in today's increasingly competitive online business environment.

I cannot think of a better site solution for any business, Abraham is hands on, and most importantly, is extremely responsive, and always available, a must in a world where time is money, more than ever.

If you want reliability and professional web design with a personal touch, look no further.



Theo de Haas
General Manager Hudson Valley Auctioneers. Antique and Estate Auctions, Beacon NY USA