Key Projects

Design and Implementation Projects

~ Complete Order, Inventory and Logistics system, USA wide decentralized 40 branches
~ General Trading System for Commodities, Forex, Risk, Positions and Client Management
~ Back-office Administration for Relocation Management
~ Business Analytics and Management for Market Analyst
~ Back and Front-office for Major Insurance Company
~ Order to Manufacture for Chemical, Agri and Medical Components
~ Repository Design for Gas Distribution & Marketing/Publishing Company

~ Land Management Administration Re-design Architecture
~ Redesign of major insurance system

~ Various Net-Markets in Automotive, Chemicals
~ Airport network and communication systems and business process
~ Many web presence projects

Business Development and Management

~ Setting up of Business Unit for Solutions, Application Value Management and Consultancy
~ A2 Video Project Traffic Management

~ Lycra Beaming Innovation
~ E Business Projects (b2b and b2c)
~ Army Innovation for Peace Missions
~ System Integration and Outsourcing
~ Banking, Insurance, Department of Transportation