Elizabeth S Campbell

The Tuscany Resort a faithful client of Atol Solutions

I had the privilege of working with Abraham Tol of Atol Solutions starting in the fall of 2013 on reworking The Tuscany Resort's website.  Abraham has so much knowledge of developing websites and then doing the web mastering of them once they are up and running! 

Our Tuscany website saw around 3,000 hits per month and now it sees anywhere from 4500 - 9000/month, depending if we are running promotions, etc. 

Atol Solutions is extremely professional, very thorough in everything that he does, and very prompt in always getting back to you on projects, questions, etc.  I would highly recommend Atol Solutions to handle any website maintenance, website building from scratch or re-working of an existing website.  Atol Solutions has also helped develop and create internet ads for The Tuscany and its sister resort, The Venetian on Grace Bay.  

The Tuscany Resort remains a faithful client of Atol Solutions.



Elizabeth S Campbell
Marketing & Travel Consultant The Tuscany Resort, Turks & Caicos Islands