Don Pardue

Since I established my website, book sales have dramatically increased

As a self-published author, one of my biggest challenges is recognition by the public. Regardless of the author’s writing skill, with the drastically increasing number of authors throughout the world, it is almost impossible to establish name-recognition. The most obvious way of accomplishing this is by establishing a website that advertises your product: books. As the website is repeatedly viewed, it becomes increasingly recognized by the reading public.

When establishing a website, it is absolutely imperative for the author to choose a webmaster who thoroughly understands the recognition problem facing self-published authors. I found the perfect solution to solving this dilemma when I chose Atol Solutions, in Knoxville, Tennessee. With a thorough understanding of methods of reaching the public, they designed a website that is not only beautiful, but highly effective in its methods and results. The website links the reader to various venues where books may be purchased; also, with the use of blogs and friendly messages from the author, it helps establish a connection between the author and the reader. This relationship is essential to the author. Since I established a website, my book sales have dramatically increased.

If you are a self-published author, I highly recommend Atol Solutions for creating your website or book editing/publishing.

Don Pardue
Painter, Author Blossoms of Winter, Tom, Dick, and Harriet, Southern Sanctuary, Maiden Harvest, and Random Reflections. , Lenoir City TN USA