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Atol Solutions is proud to report that we have a affiliation with Clickdesk, modern cloud-based (video) Chat and Helpdesk software that easily integrates with content management systems, such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Also integratable with all kinds of other CRM and other applications. The installation is easy and can be customized for your needs. Chat history is available and in case you are not online the visitor can leave a message for you. Clickdesk offer free subscriptions, albeit that the functionality is limited and priced plans are available depending on the number of agents and your integration requirements with CRM. We highly recommend this great app.

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About Clickdesk

Clickdesk started off by searching for an integrated support service - live support chat software with the ability to receive phone calls from visitors instantly and that runs on cloud (cloud hosted). The hosted services we found were not built for cloud and weren't using the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Others were just stand alone desktop applications. 'ClickDesk' was built keeping these principles in mind. They offer  customers - a great Web 2.0, cloud-based service integrating with your present setup without requiring any new installations. We are a 20+ member self-funded (profitable) company based in Silicon Valley offering live-chat service to companies in all parts of the world.

Hosted in Google and Amazon cloud with backups in Singapore and Ireland, we are glad to offer our customers a 99.95% uptime guarantee. ClickDesk integrates with your existing IMs (gTalk, Skype and more) allowing you to answer your live chats and calls on your desktop or mobile reliably.

Key Differentiators


You have answers - Use ClickDesk to communicate instantly via Live-Chat, Help Desk & Voice Chat


Agents just need to download our Android app and chat from their mobile.


Your online presence on your website builds trust with your prospects and existing customers.


Get country, location, browser, referrer, previous history, and other information of your visitor.


Customize your popup messages in any language to prompt your users to live chat or call you.


You can view the message the customer is typing before they actually send it in and be ready with your response.


With easy social integrations, your customers can like on Facebook or tweet about your company


Manage all your emails and offline chats using easy-to-use integrated Help Desk


With ClickDesk, your visitors can call you from their browser - Network World rated this as the Best.


Adding ClickDesk to your website will convert your visitors to happy customers.

Easy Integration

Plugins ~ Free for all accounts

Add our WordPress plugin to your Wordpress site in just one click and start receiving live chats and calls from your visitors.
Increase conversions with ClickDesk's live chat plugin for Joomla. It's a seamless live support app for your Joomla-powered website.
Our chat plugin for Shopify increases sales, combats cart abandonment & supports online shoppers with voice and video chat.
Bring live chat and help desk integration to your free PrestaShop e-commerce website with our free live support plugin.
Add ClickDesk's free chat and help desk addon to your Bigcommerce store and turn more visitors into happy customers.
Integrate ClickDesk's free live support app with your OpenCart store with just a few simple clicks. Your online visitors will love the live support.
Scale your Magento store quickly with ClickDesk's free live chat addon. Increase social media traffic and reduce cart abandonment.
Add our MODX chat module to your site and start connecting with your MODX visitors. Improve conversions by more than 47%
Our free live chat plugin for Wix websites makes it easy to provide fast online support. You can even take chats over IM!
CS Cart
Add the best live chat software to your CS Cart store. Reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve conversions.
Improve your ecommerce store with ClickDesk's web chat and helpdesk plugin. Interact with your customers and boost conversions.
Google Apps
Are you using Google Apps for your business? Now, add ClickDesk's chat and helpdesk app to your website with just a click. Instant setup!
Unbounce lets you create stunning landing pages in minutes. Our chat widget for Unbounce increases conversions with real-time support.
Are you using Tumblr to run a business? Add our free live chat plugin to your Tumblr site to enable online chat and helpdesk.
ClickDesk takes Weebly-based websites to the next level with a free live support, voice chat and video chat plugin for your site or online store.
Our free live support app for sites built using Webs makes it easy to chat with visitors in real time.

Live Chat Integrations  Available in  paid plans

Create new tickets and access past tickets in Zendesk directly from your ClickDesk chat window with a simple chat commands. Be on top of issues and keep customers happy.
ClickDesk's chat integration with Salesforce instantly pushes data between the apps. Give your live support team the data they need with our seamless live support CRM integration.
Our chat MailChimp integration is the best way to grow newsletter subscribers. Subscribe or unsubscribe your web visitors from mailing lists directly from chat and live support sessions.
View complete case history, create new cases or add notes in directly from your ClickDesk webchat window with simple chat commands. Be on top of issues and keep customers happy.
Our live support Zoho integration lets you access lead information directly from chat sessions, push web visitor details to Zoho, and more. Turn our live map into a map of closed deals!
Agile CRM
Live chat integration with Agile CRM lets you view customer details, add new contacts and notes, and trigger campaigns directly from the chat window. Sell like the Fortune 500 with ClickDesk and Agile CRM.
Sugar CRM
Add chat, video chat and phone leads to Sugar CRM instantly with ClickDesk's live chat integration for Sugar CRM.
WHMCS helps companies keep track of their customers, plan and invoices. Our live chat integration with WHMCS lets you see complete customer info directly in the chat window.
Capsule CRM
ClickDesk's Capsule CRM integration is the best way to nurture leads with live support software. View relevant contact data, add and update contacts, edit notes, and more.
ClickDesk is next-gen live support software. Our FreshBooks integration lets you view and create client details and invoices instantly during live chats with your web visitors.
Developer API
Integrate ClickDesk's chat and helpdesk functionality with your web application using ClickDesk's open API. Populate chat fields directly from your app to boost conversions.
Use our JavaScript API to send additional details about your web visitors directly to your IM/GTalk chat sessions. Imagination is the limit with ClickDesk's chat API.
Nimble CRM
Convert every website visitor into a potential customer by adding visitors to your Nimble CRM during live chat and following up directly with return visitors.
Chargify simplifies billing for web 2.0 and SaaS companies. Provide priority support and resolve billing issues faster with our Chargify live chat integration.
Help Scout is a streamlined ticketing software. Integrate Help Scout with ClickDesk's live support software to see detailed customer histories exactly when you need them.
Constant Contact
ClickDesk's help desk software is ideal for email newsletter marketing. Grow your mailing lists by adding and updating contacts in Constant Contact directly from chat and support.
Basecamp helps you manage your projects. Integrate Basecamp with ClickDesk and you can convert live chats into Basecamp messages for easy follow-up.
Keep track of contacts, proposals and deals in HighRise CRM directly from chat windows. Plus, ClickDesk integration makes it easy to organize emails and notes in HighRise.
Access complete billing information for the visitor, create new invoices and contacts in Xero directly from the ClickDesk chat window.
Share your desktop with visitors or view their screens by using simple chat commands through ClickDesk's integration. Resolve issues quickly and efficiently and boost...
Start pulling in new chat logs as notes to your CRM, like Agile CRM, Salesforce, or open tickets in your help desk, such as Zendesk etc with our Zapier integration...
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a powerful platform for keeping track of website analytics. We're excited to announce our new Google Analytics chat integration, giving...
Facebook Integration
These days, business is social. Smart use of social media increases sales, retention and customer satisfaction. A perfect addition to the social toolbar in our chat widget, the ClickDesk...
Google Tag Manager
To integrate ClickDesk with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you'll first need a Google Analytics account and a ClickDesk account. Then you'll need to set up Google Tag Manager...
Infusionsoft CRM
Infusionsoft is a small business CRM for sales, marketing and online selling. Modern businesses use Infusionsoft to automate marketing and turn leads into customers....
GetResponse is a powerful email marketing tool that even includes landing page creation. Smart businesses integrate ClickDesk with GetResponse so they can manage email...
Manage email subscribers directly from live chats, voice calls and video chats by integrating ClickDesk with iContact, the popular email marketing app....
Integrating Vtiger with ClickDesk lets you pull customer info into ClickDesk and push leads, notes and chat transcripts to Vtiger from live chat sessions...
Our Hootsuite plugin makes it easy to send live chat invites in personalized tweets, directly from your Hootsuite dashboard. When customers click on the link in Twitter, they're instantly...


 Atol Solution Affiliate for Clickdesk

Clickdesk Features

Live Chat

Live chat has an incredible amount of potential for increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging sales and maximizing time efficiency for support agents. Intuitive web chat panel lets you focus on live support.

Video Chat Software

What's the one thing that big businesses do to increase sales and retention, but most small businesses don't even think about? The most successful businesses in the world include voice and video chat options for customer support. It really is that simple. In numerous surveys, only 10% of online shoppers remember text, while 95% remember video chat.

Help Desk Software

ClickDesk's complete help desk software comes automatically integrated with our live chat tool to keep you on top of issues and questions from your visitors. ClickDesk's complete help desk software comes automatically integrated with our live chat tool to keep you on top of issues and questions from your visitors.

Social Media Integration

Add like, tweet and follow buttons to your widget with our social media toolbar. Allows your visitors to connect with your brand on multiple social networking platforms without leaving your website.

Mobile App for Online Support

Put the power of ClickDesk in your hands with a streamlined Android app you can use on the go. Install the mobile live chat app today and start taking chats and managing helpdesk tickets from your smartphone or tablet.

Reporting and Analytics

ClickDesk's advanced reports, analytics and metrics are here to help you make better business decisions