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Social CRM ~ Perception vs Reality

Social CRM ~ Perception vs Reality
In a nutshell, Social CRM is Social Media Monitoring (or Social Media Measurement) that entails an active, ongoing observation on social media channels or websites. It uses algorithms and tools such as Hashtags or trending topics to observe what people are saying about a business and its products and services.
Social CRM tools are used to watch blogs, news websites, video and photo sharing sites, forums or message boards where customers engage in conversations with each other, and other types of websites that have a high volume of user generated content, to determine the general public opinion and what issues seem to be commonly arising for customers. They are also used to monitor the effect of advertising campaigns, and to find opportunities to speak with customers to raise awareness of services or products in their Internet social spheres.

What to Expect from a Social CRM Tool

Everybody talks about Social CRM. But how is it different from CRM and how does it work? And more importantly: how would your company benefit from a Social CRM tool? A Guide from Compare Business Products dives into Social CRM principles, tools and technologies and gives you a few examples of Social CRM platforms that could bring big benefits to your business.
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The guide covers:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Social Analytics
  • Salesforce, Nimble and Sugar CRM tools
  • And much more!





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