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Part Time Entrepreneur International Alliance Initiative

In today's world it is great to see more and more initiatives pupping up from earlier harvested seeds for people to blossom and be nurished with the help of others. It is not always simple to get started and sometimes it is overwhelming. Atol Solutions discovered an initiative that may take away lots of threshold to be an independent entrepreneur in whatever shape or form. We certainly are proud to say IAM PTE, the International Alliance of Part Time Entrepreneurs.



Are You a Part-Time Entrepreneur (PTE)?

I am. Millions are. And if you aren’t, you’ve probably thought about it.

If you have a small business you are running, on fewer than 30 daytime hours a week (no… you can’t count those night owl hours)… then you ARE a PTE! Hurrah! You are in the right place.

You ARE a PTE.

You have a passion to make money doing something you really love.And you are going for it – no matter what!

Artist. Inventor. Baker. Gardener. Organizer. Realtor. Counsellor. Healer. Business Expert. Author. Direct Seller. Home Partier. You Name It, You Can Be It…. Part-Time Entrepreneur Rockstar.

You are a whole person.

You are not a label. You are complex. You have many roles. You are a full-time parent or you have another job (or two) or you have volunteer commitments or you are a student or you care for someone or something else.

You have a passion for your whole life. You are trying to make it all work. And it is hard. But you aren’t alone! We exist for you. IAMPTE is a community, online and in person, that shows you exactly how to create a successful business while also having a whole, healthy, happy and fun life!

Full time life. Whole person. Part-time passion wedged into any spare minutes you have… because you love it. You are motivated to succeed.

For more information do visit IAMPTE!!

I Am a PTE
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Thursday, 04 June 2020

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