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We Welcome Body Balance Anneloes ~ Manueel Praktizijn®


Some time ago we were contacted by Anneloes Velda the owner of Body Balance Anneloes ~ Manueel Praktizijn® in Makkum Friesland. BBA provides therapeutic service like Shiatsu, Bodycushion, Acupuncture, specialized preganancy massage and sells magnesium products for your well-being. "The power of Touch" is the main focus.

The website of BBA could not be updated any longer due to outdated plugins and cost of applying new ones would be too costly. Also the owner could not have access to the domain/hosting service. So we went to remedy quickly.

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Supporter of Bahasi Orphanage Blantyre Malawi


Together with Malawi Travel, we have decided to sponsor Bahasi and assist in the promotion of the great mission they initiated in 2004. Bahasi has a comprehensive program to not only support 105+ orphans, whose parents died of HIV/AIDS, but also to support them in their future development through education, scholarships, women empowerment and green initiatives.

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We Welcome Mgoza Lodge @ Cape Maclear Lake Malawi


Some time ago we were contacted by Alan Joffe, owner of the lodge on a recommendation of Malawi Travel. The website was down due to the Corona times. We tried to resolve with Godaddy, however their policy is such that in that situation the site is retained for only 1 month, despite being a long-standing customer, and so the website was lost. Thus we went on the adventure to get the Lodge back online, fast!

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We Welcome the Bahasi Community Organisation


Bahasi & Atol Solutions recently joined hands to upgrade their presence on the web, to spread the word and gain traction for support.

They are a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that was established in 2004. and registered with the local government, Blantyre District Social Welfare and Blantyre City Council.

The main objective is to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups in regards to the effects of HIV/ Aids pandemic.

The NGO is serving communities with emphasis on supporting orphans, vulnerable children, elderly and chronically ill patients with financial support as well as psychological support through counselling.

It is a pleasure to work with Isaac Ligola (director) and Harriet Woodford (volunteer)

Take a look and perhaps help out?

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We welcome TNG Centre - The Precious Sanctuary of the Supreme Path


We are very proud to restructure, design and develop new websites with TNG Centre in Fourtou France, a Buddhist Centre with dedicated residents.

We thank Rosemarie Lemmens for connecting us with the Centre. We worked & trained people at location in France for a concentrated period to set up the framework, understanding and approach to re-invent the current websites. The project commenced in August 2021 and is about to complete the end of November 2021.

It is a pleasure working with Lama Gelong Sangyay Tendzin and content manager Ani Samyang and look forward to our continued cooperation, as their webmaster and designer. Proud of our accomplishments in such a short time.

Do take a look at the site(s)

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