Ilona Borst

In short: you can't find a better partner

Abraham of Atol Solutions is my support and enabler. He always thinks along with me very well and is very all-round in what he can offer to an entrepreneur.

For example, at intake of my sites under his service, the sites were optimized, where needed improved before taking on the web-mastering service. Saving money on hosting and maintenance. He takes care of my mailings including the management of the contact lists, event postings, he maintains my two websites. He advises me on all the technical and practical matters that I deal with as a small business owner (and often do not know about myself).

No question he is awesome!! I call that really priceless. Moreover, it is a very pleasant person to work with.

I certainly do not want to leave his flexibility unspoken: he acts quickly and is always available. In short: you can't find a better partner. and

Ilona Borst
Owner De Hartcirkel / Natuurlijk Jezelf, Schoorl Noord Holland Netherlands