A Blueprint for your Web Shop

A blueprint for successful design, implementation and operation of your web shop. In today's world it is apparent that people like to spend less time on commuting or prefer being at home.

Or do other activities that one believes in ~ independently from an employer ~ to explore creativity and innovation. To provide a quick start for your shop we provide a solution and blueprint that gives insight for, what is needed to have and be a professional shop on the net.

Key is that many people today want to arrange their life in such a manner that not too much time is wasted on going to a specific job in a specific place, people need an outlet for their talents, or combine for instance motherhood with sense of self being. There are many reasons one can think of, but it is rather simple to want to achieve independence and a goal to make income and live a good life in balance between work en private life.

Atol Solutions supports with its solutions that this can be made feasible with low entrance costs and hopes create a renaissance in new dimensions for many people and contribute to the concept of less drain on the environment, yet also finds in recent movements that especially women are very creative in applying this knowledge.

For instance ms. Tenison, who was named Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2010, said: "Women are natural fixers and cultivators and it is these exact elements that need to be employed in their approach to business.

"This has certainly been my approach to JoJo Maman Bebe, by treating my business as a child. I gave birth to it, developed and invested in it for the long term – something that I believe is a key differentiator for female entrepreneurs today."