Website Maintenance and Innovation

Atol Solutions designs, develops your web presence based on the integration of available components and a basic platform for Content Management. All such components are being developed to provide new functionalities and apply corrections or flaws.

Just like maintaining a car or your home your site requires also maintenance to avoid problems or to make your site more functional.

In order to give you the comfort and insurance of looking after your site we offer a few packages to make sure you are up-to-date and you get the services you like to have on your web presence. We provide the following packages, based on yearly subscription:


Basic maintenance services are provided for you the following:

  1. Patches and basic upgrades of core system (Joomla/WP) monthly;
  2. Introduction of improvement on your editing features for articles and modules;
  3. Review of all used components and where needed upgrades monthly;
  4. Monthly reporting of all updates and features applied;


  1. All of the basic services:
  2. Installation of new components and modules Atol Solutions is recommending for the functioning of your business on the web. Max installations 10 items.
  3. Review of your sites performance as in Google Analytics and others with recommendations;


  1. All of the above;
  2. With 2 hours per month of preparing and publishing of your articles or modules for any purpose on your site.