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Great Image Recycle Processing for any website and CMS


Atol Solutions, after intensive research has selected a tool for all our websites to reduce size of images to assure fastest page loads and minimize storage on our servers. The results of our testing were impressive, average reduction was 69% saving lots of space and bandwidth without losing resolution & quality, even some sites look even better. Also we have noticed that even SEO was improved tremendeously. 

We sure can recommend this tool and after initial conversion of the images future used images are compressed automatically. And above all their support is fantastic and fast.

For more information visit the ImageRecycle site and try your site(s) and see what you can save.


Image Recycle Value

Reduce image and pdf, not quality

We believe that image and pdf compression is a matter preserving the quality then reduce the size. Reducing the image and pdf size can be done using a massive compression of data and results in a worsened quality. At ImageRecycle we totally respect your media quality by using a smart content optimization. We keep backups of the original images and PDFs for one month. The history view from your account keeps the original and optimized version of your files. A one click restore tool is available on your website with our CMS image & pdf reducer plugins.

Compress your content for mobile and tablets

Latest global statistics said that mobile traffic now reached around 25% of the whole website visitors. Consequently, mobile users are consuming more and more data. Source Wearesocial. The fact remains that 70% of the page weight is composed of images, you can have the fastest server on earth, mobile user will need to download your website content. That's why it's even more important to compress images and PDF for mobile.

Optimization service for designer and developer

Our image and pdf optimization service are built to fit all the professionals. Web designers will be happy, after a long site building process to have a nice and fast rendering of their webpages. Hight traffic websites will save precious and expensive server resources like never before. Content based portal can also reduce drastically their page load and prevent users to click away.

Fairly priced

There are no hidden costs with our memberships. Your membership gets you access to all our tools and services. One account can be use for on several websites and sub-accounts are free. Register a free trial account now to test all the features!


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